Re-Connection workshop with richard Sykes

Saturday 2nd of June 12:00-16:00 with Richard Sykes at Infinite Yoga Malmö

– Are you truly happy? If not why not?

As children we are connected to who we truly are, and happiness is our natural state of being. All we want to do as a child is have fun and explore as the world is our playground. 
So what happens? Where does all this happiness go?
We are all conditioned out of our natural state of being and we grow to believe we are somebody else. We identify with our conditioning and think it is who we are. We then relate to the world through our conditioning and see a limited version of the magical reality we experienced as a child. 

Life always mirrors who we are choosing to be moment to moment. This is why when we relate to the world through our conditioning we experience a challenging reality. We experience a reality that is subject to our conditioning that we are acting from. 

We then have to face the same challenging situations that are helping to expose the false identity that we are acting from. This is why trying to change our lives on the outside to make us feel better on the inside never works. We must be willing to create inner change so we can experience outer change. 
No matter what it is you want from life, life wants from you. 
So how do we do this? How to change our lives from the inside out?

I invite you to join me as I take you on a journey deep within yourself. I will guide you through a 4 Part Process that has been developed and refined over 5 years and will help you disconnect with who you have been conditioned to think you are, and Re-Connect with who you truly are. 

During this 4-hour intensive workshop we will address the most important areas to create true inner change. 
You will expose and let go of core limiting unconscious ideas you have about yourself or the world that are blocking you. 
You will also expose the unresolved emotional baggage that weighs you down so you feel more energy, vitality and creativity. 
Once you have let go of what is blocking you being you I guide you through a visualization that will Re-Connect you back to your truth. You are then able to see the world reflect your change. 

We are all being encouraged to come back to our true state of being, and once we do so we can experience the magic again. 
I look forward to being part of your evolution and expansion. 

Saturday 2nd of June 12:00-16:00

750 kr

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"Through my own pain I was able to find my passion and purpose."
Richard Sykes life is now dedicated to helping other people who are searching for more happiness and well being. Working with hundreds of different people has given him the knowledge of why we are not living a life aligned with out true power and potential.

Richard works with E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique), a fast and effective way to access and release old unresolved emotions.

Unresolved emotions can uphold limiting belief systems and destructive patterns. Exposing and clearing out the emotion can allow the beliefs to fall down and the patterns to be broken.